Robert von Weizsäcker announces ECU President candidacy

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Robert von Weizsäcker announces ECU President candidacyPresident of the German Chess Federation (DSB) Robert von Weizsäcker has been nominated by the DSB as candidate for the presidency of the European Chess Union. His nomination is endorsed by both Garry Kasparov and FIDE-presidential candidate Anatoly Karpov, who travelled to Berlin to support Von Weizsäcker. Photo: Frank Hoppe | courtesy of the German Chess Federation

In a press release on the website of the DSB, Von Weizsäcker motivates his candidacy as follows:

"More than ever, because of its importance, German chess must be internationally involved," says Von Weizsäcker. "Because essentially, the game belongs in the hands of the players. The President of the Federation added that it is his goal to reach more transparency and relliability in chess politics.

The German Federation has over 93,000 members and is, according to the press release, the second largest federation within FIDE. At today's press conference, two surprise guests were present: Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. Karpov's endorsement is interesting not only in the light of his own candidacy for FIDE President, but also because now, Karpov and Von Weizsäcker might join forces against current FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Turkish Federation President Ali Nihat Yazici, a devoted supporter of Ilyumzhinov and an ECU candidate himself.

It will be an interesting rivalry between two powerful blocks. Kasparov said the following on Von Weiszäcker's nomination:

Chess is highly dependent on the reputation of its representatives. Compared to Ilyumzhinov, I have no doubt Karpov and Von Weizsäcker will return chess to those who own it. In recent years, much was lost in chess.

The position of ECU President is rather popular all of a sudden, even though it's not immediately clear to us why. Von Weizsäcker (55) is already the fourth candidate for the job, after Ali Nihat Yazici, Silvio Danailov and current ECU President Boris Kutin already annouced their candidacy as well. Kutin is an outspoken supporter of Ilyumzhinov; Danailov's position is as yet unclear.
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