Ray Robson Wins Dallas Invitational

Ray Robson Wins Dallas Invitational

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The UT Dallas Grandmaster Invitational ran from 10-16 March, and was underwritten by Turner Construction Company.

Five players from University of Texas at Dallas (3 GMs and 2 IMs) clashed with five visiting Grandmasters (the 'Turner' team) in a 10-player Scheveningen format event.

The Turner team won the team match by a score of 29½-20½ and 17-year old star Ray Robson took first place overall with an individual score of 7/10 points.

The individual scores:

 Name  Nat Pts Team  Elo TPR
1  GM Robson, Ray  USA 7.0 Turner  2606 2669
2=   GM Kacheishvili, Giorgi  GEO 6.0 Turner  2612 2592
2=   GM Lenderman, Aleksandr  USA 6.0 Turner  2581 2592
4=   GM Leon Hoyos, Manuel  MEX 5.5 Turner  2569 2556
4=   GM Iotov, Valentin  BUL 5.5 UT Dallas  2560 2621
6=   GM Panchanathan, Magesh  IND 5.0 Turner  2557 2520
6=   IM Holt, Conrad  USA 5.0 UT Dallas  2499 2585
8  GM Sadorra, Julio Catalino  PHI 4.0 UT Dallas  2525 2513
9=   GM Chirila, Ioan-Cristian  ROU 3.0 UT Dallas  2539 2436
9=   IM Pavlovic, Milos M  SRB 3.0 UT Dallas  2478 2436


IM Conrad Holt is now a GM-elect after completing his final GM norm in the tournament. Congratulations to the Thunderholt! (see blog by GM Sam Shankland here).

Ray Robson at the start of his first game with Ioan-Cristian Chirila

Robson v Chirila UT Dallas 2012.jpg



UT Dallas (left to right): Pavlovic, Sadorra, Iotov, Holt, Chirila

UT Dallas team 2012.jpg


The Turner team (left to right): Lenderman, Robson, Kacheishvili, Panchanthan, Hoyos

UT Dallas match - Turner team 2012.jpg





Pictures from the UT Dallas website.

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