Ronde 1 World Cup: Eljanov, Sutovsky & Landa naar huisRound 1 World Cup: Eljanov, Sutovsky & Landa out

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This weekend the first two regular games of the World Cup's first round were played and there were a few upsets: Eljanov was sent home 1,5-0,5 by Enamul Hossain, Landa didn't survive against Nevednichy and Sutovsky too leaves Siberia with "only" 6,000 dollars in his suitcase after a 1,5-0,5 loss against Jianchao Zhou. Strickly speaking we should also mention Shabalov, Rodshtein and Laznicka as players who lost against lower-rated opponents.

Ponomariov and Alekseev experienced a little nightmare on Saturday and started with a zero against El Gindy and Ismagambetov respectively. They repaired the damage today and will go into the tiebreak tomorrow, which also counts for the matches Akopian-Filippov, Gopal-Kasimdzhanov, Nguyen-Van Wely, Andriasian-Onischuk, Kunte-Zvjaginsev, Jun Zhao-Harikrishna, Sasikiran-Zhigalko, Short-Baramidze, Mamedov-Tomashevsky, Gagunashvili-Pengxiang Zhang, Roiz-Akobian, Belov-Khalifman, Milos-Avrukh, Sakaev-Vitiugov, Kaidanov-M.Gurevich, Leitao-Shulman, Kozul-Bruzon and Galkin-Bartel.

For Cheparinov and Ghaem Maghami the first round was very easy since they didn't meet their opponents (Gonzalez Zamora had retreated because of illness and Izoria couldn't get his visa ready in time). Svidler only had to play his White game today because his opponent Iturrizaga arrived too late on Saturday.


All games in PGN via TWIC. (It's clear that a number of day-2 games are not complete.) Some fragments:

Ivanchuk had the honor of doing the drawing of lots.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with Alexander Filippenko, the Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region

The venue

Board 1: Ivanchuk-Aderito

Mamedyarov, Carlsen and Bacrot

Magnus Carlsen has no mercy for the Australian talent Zong-Yuan Zhao

Gata Kamsky-Ahmed Adly

Experience in the house: Mikhail Gurevich-Gregory Kaidanov
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