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Karjakin-Topalov (3)Last update 20.52 CET

The third round has just started at Corus. From Wijk aan Zee we will be reporting live today as much as possible. There will certainly be exciting games today. The theoretical 'KID'-fight between Shirov and Radjabov, for example, or the 'Bosboom'-variation (8...h5) that Topalov employs against Karjakin today. But there's more. In the C-group Emanuel Berg has played the obscure 6.Bc1!? against Nepomniatchi (if I'm not mistaken this is called the Olland-variation, named after the first champion of the Netherlands.) And is Suat Atalik really playing for a draw with White against Smeets, or has he found a hole in Smeets' repertoire?

update 14.19 CET...and Tivi made a quick draw again. Well, can we blame him? Now at least we can focus our attention on the other games. And there is enough to see there. Anand's preparation in the Marshall variation seems to be successful. According to Rybka, White is clearly better after move 25. The position of Karjakin and Topalov is about to explode. Susan Polgar analyses the game live on her website. By the way, they're also still chess outside Wijk aan Zee, as I learned by looking at the screen of my neighbor, the Russian grandmaster Rublevsky. In Chelyabinsk there is a strong tournament going on. Participants are, amongst others, Korchnoi, Riazantsev and Sveshnikov. If you're interested, you can watch the standings (in Russian) and download the games here.

Anand-Aronian (3)update 15.36 CET Anand's game has ended in a draw unexpectedly fast. With a nice combination Aronian managed a perpetual. Anand was not satisfied after te game. At some point he could have played Rb1, but he thought that was also a draw. They hardly analysed after the game. Ponomariov has already beaten Carlsen, who suffered an off-day. The games Karjakin-Topalov and Shirov-Radjabov slowly reach their climax...

David Navaraupdate 16.53 CET Navara-Svidler has become a draw while the editors were taking a stroll on the beach. It was fascinating and inspiring to see the two gentlemen analyse (later we hope to publish a movie of this). Often you see many hands going over the board, resulting in total chaos. But there's another way, as was shown by Navara and Svidler. Sometimes both players were silent for more than twenty seconds, calculating, sometimes gesturing. Navara said he had the feeling he was worse at some point, but Svidler doubted that. Navara's calmness was particularly impressive, his self-discipline and attempts to penetrate into the essence of the position without falling for madness. The prototype of an intriguing genius. Shirov is also busy being brilliant. If it's correct, he'll win the daily prize for sure!

Update 17.48 CET: while Shirov is defending an ending with an exchange down, we update you with the news that Silvio Danailov, also here in Wijk aan Zee, picked up his old habit of publishing open letters during an event. This time he expresses his disappointment in FIDE.

We are very surprised by FIDE's approach, because there are no requirements as to the bank in the rules of the International Federation. We deem the last decision an attempt to jeopardize the match in Sofia.

Update 20.52 CET: round 3 has finished. The Dutchies had high hopes for Loek today; his game was quite interesting. After some tactical strokes he reached an ending with a pawn up but Motylev didn't have trouble drawing it. Topalov was put under big pressure by Karjakin, but the Bulgarian defended well. One of those half points that are o so important at the end of the tournament. The game of the day was Shirov-Radjabov, of course. Not only King's Indian afficianados will enjoy Radja's high-level press conference which we put on video and will show later tonight! For now, you have to do with a fragment of the post-mortem of Navara-Svidler, already accurately described by Arne above (this last bit is written by Peter).

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