Round 9 at Mtel Masters

Round 9 at Mtel Masters

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Bu defeats Topalov for first win

Just when Veselin Topalov seemed to be catching Vassily Ivanchuk, he lost in the penultimate round to bottom placed Bu Xiangzhi (pictured) to leave the Ukranian genius leading by a point going into the final round.

Ivanchuk drew his game with with Aronian with a threefold repetition after just 26 moves. Neither player seemed to want to risk losing when a draw was available.

Radjabov - Cheparinov was also drawn by threefold repetition, but lasted 6 moves longer and reached a Queen endgame before the end. 

In the final round tomorrow, Topalov will need to win his game with the White pieces against Radjabov and hope his compatriot Cheparinov beats Ivanchuk with the White pieces, for Topalov to be the winner on tie breaks (the first tie-break is the number of wins).

With everything to play for, it should be an exciting last round!

The results in round 9:

Ivanchuk, Vassily - Aronian, Levon ½-½ 26 D11 Slav Defence
Radjabov, Teimour - Cheparinov, Ivan ½-½ 32 D46 Semi-Slav Defence
Bu Xiangzhi - Topalov, Veselin 1-0 47 D23 QGA


The standings after round 9:

1Ivanchuk Vassily2740UKR* *1 ½1 ½11 ½1 ½7,0
2Topalov Veselin2767BUL0 ½* *½1 11 01 16,0
3Radjabov Teimour2751AZE0 ½½* *½ ½½ 1½ 15,0
4Cheparinov Ivan2695BUL00 0½ ½* *1 1½ ½4,0
5Bu Xiangzhi2708CHN0 ½0 1½ 00 0* *½2,5
6Aronian Levon2763ARM0 ½0 0½ 0½ ½½* *2,5





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