RSSU Cup Nears Conclusion

RSSU Cup Nears Conclusion

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moscow-open.jpgThe International RSSU Chess Cup in Moscow (previewed here) ends on Sunday after a busy week, featuring many different competitions.

The impressive chess festival has two separate round-robin competitions for 10 young men and women players, and also two separate 9-round Swiss competitions for men and women.  Other events include chess problem solving and even a shogi competition.

After 7 rounds top seed Maxim Matlakov from Russia, and Ukrainian Yaroslav Zherebukh share the lead in the men's round-robin event with a score of 5 points. Early leader Ray Robson of the USA is now in third place.

Maxim Matlakov Yaroslav Zherebukh
Maxim Matlakov.jpg Yaroslav Zherebukh.jpg

The standings after 7 rounds:

 Name Nat Elo Pts
 Matlakov, Maxim RUS  2625 5
 Zherebukh, Yaroslav UKR  2594 5
 Robson, Ray USA  2596 4
 Stukopin, Andrey  RUS  2460
 Grigoryan, Avetik  ARM  2621
 Reshetnikov, Alexey RUS  2514 3
 Belous, Vladimir RUS  2522 3
 Ipatov, Alexander ESP  2586 3
 Sviercz, Dariusz POL  2583
 Yilmaz, Mustafa TUR  2521







In the main 9-round Open competition Dmitry Kokarev of Russia is leading with a score of 6½/7.

Dmitry Kokarev leads the Open

Dmitry Kokarev.JPG





The top Open standings after 7 rounds:

 Name  Nat Elo Pts
1  Kokarev Dmitry   RUS  2618
2  Inarkiev Ernesto   RUS  2689 6
3  Lysyj Igor   RUS  2633 6
4  Eliseev Urii   RUS  2435
5  Socko Bartosz   POL  2636
6  Lastin Alexander   RUS  2538
7  Goganov Aleksey   RUS  2497 5
8  Kornev Alexei   RUS  2530 5
9  Kovchan Alexander   UKR  2565 5
10  Savchenko Boris   RUS  2609 5


All pictures by Julia Manakova at the official website.

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