Rybka 4 Released

Rybka 4 Released

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Rybka4.jpgRybka has been the dominant force in computer chess for nearly five years, and despite some recent pretenders (possibly reverse-engineered clones), the "little fish" still sets the standard to beat.

The programmer, Vasik Rajlich has been tweaking his creation and has released the new improved Rybka 4. 

Although computer ratings are determined by endless automated contests with other silicon beasts, there are also some real-life tournaments where the programmers get to swap notes and hang out while their engines lock horns for a few games.

The 10th International Computer Chess Tournament has just finished in The Netherlands, and Rybka once again took first prize with a very impressive 8/9 score.

 Rybka  8.0
 Deep Sjeng  7.0
 Hiarcs  6.0
 Deep Shredder  6.0
 Deep Junior  5.5
 Komodo  5.0
 Pandix  5.0
 The Baron  4.5
 Spark  4.0
 The King  4.0
 Almond  3.5
 Kallisto  3.5
 Joker  0.5
 RedQueen  0.5

Some of Rybka's games from the event are below.  All the games are available at the official site.  A brief Q&A with Vasik Rajlich can be found here, and Rybka 4 is available very soon from chess shops around the world, including's friends at Wholesale Chess.




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