Rybka Wins In Leiden

Rybka Wins In Leiden

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Some computer chess tournaments aim to determine the best chess program by running all the engines on the same hardware to create a level playing field.

The Open Dutch Computer Championships in Leiden, now in its 30th year, dispenses with such limitations for a no-holds barred smack-down between the top engines.

The most jaw-dropping hardware this year was the mind blowing 800 cores monster powering Jonny.

Twenty 'players' competed in a nine round Swiss competition and the winner was top seed Rybka with a near perfect 8.5/9 score, way ahead of the rest.  Only Spark escaped with a draw against the 'little fish'.

Since Rybka was created by IM Vasik Rajlich (pictured), it has dominated the computer chess world and become the engine that sets the standard for others to beat.

The Rybka 4 engine is available in both Aquarium and Chessbase GUIs.

Some of Rybka's games can be found below.

The final standings:

1  Rybka  Lukas Cimiotti cluster, 248 Intel Nehalem cores, 2.93 Ghz and up 8.5
2  Spike  AMD Phenom X6, 6x2.8 GHz, 4GB RAM 6.0

 Deep Sjeng  Cluster 32x8 AMD Opteron, 2.4 GHz (256 cores) 6.0

 Hiarcs  12 Intel cores, 3.33 GHz 6.0
5  Spark  Quad Core I7 2.6 Ghz 5.5

 Deep Shredder  12 core Intel Nehalem cluster 5.5
7  Jonny  Cluster 800 Cores Intel I7 , 2.2 Ghz 5.0

 The Baron  Dual Intel Xeon W5580 5.0

 The King  Intel Core2Duo 2.4 GHz, 1 core in use 5.0
10  Scaramanga  Core I5, 1 core in use 4.5

 Nightmare  Core i7 980X, 6 cores on 3600 MHz 4.5

 Rookie  6 Core AMD Phenom2 3.7 GHz 4.5

 RedQueen  Intel I7-720QM 2.8 GHz / 4 Cores / 4 GB RAM, 1 core in use 4.5
14  Hermann  Core i7 860, 8GB RAM, Windows 7 using 4 cores 4.0

 GoldBar  Core I7, 4 cores on 3600 MHz 4.0
16  Kallisto  Intel CoreDuo 1.8 GHz, 1 core in use 3.5
17  Joker  Intel Core2Duo 4 Ghz, 1 core in use 3.0
18  Hansdamf  K8-x2 2.5
19  Fridolin  Quad-Core (4 cores in use) 1.5
20  Dolphin  E8600 Intel Core Duo 4 Ghz, 1 core in use 1.0






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