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San Francisco Mechanics Showcase Young Stars

San Francisco Mechanics Showcase Young Stars

Dec 24, 2016, 8:35 PM 0

The San Francisco Mechanics were one of the original eight teams from the United States Chess League, and now they bring their talents to the PRO Chess League. The Mechanics (named after the legendary Mechanics' Institute) are showcasing many of the young talents of the Bay Area, along with some experienced veterans.

One of the most interesting members of their lineup is GM Patrick Wolff. Wolff was a rising star in the U.S. chess scene in the late 80s and 90s and won the U.S. Championship twice before retiring from chess to focus on a career in finance. It's great to see the format of the PRO Chess League matches bring back retired stars like Wolff. Here is a stylish victory by Wolff over none other than Garry Kasparov in a team simul.

GM Vinay Bhat, a three time U.S. Chess League All-Star, will also be playing for the Mechanics.

The young talents that San Francisco brings to the lineup should add a lot of excitement to the team. FM Cameron Wheeler (16), Siddharth Banik (16), Josiah Stearman (13) and Rayan Tagizadeh (14) are all still teenagers, but they are also dangerous opponents. Wheeler is already rated above 2400 FIDE, while Josiah won the Sacramento City Championship last year, defeating a grandmaster in the process.

Wheeler's U.S. Chess League profile photo.

Managed by famed U.S. team coach, IM John Donaldson, this team should be fun to watch.

The PRO Chess League welcomes the San Francisco Mechanics!

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