Savchenko Wins His 1st Titled Tuesday
GM Boris Savchenko won his first-ever Titled Tuesday in our October event.

Savchenko Wins His 1st Titled Tuesday

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GM Boris Savchenko (@tigra), a regular and strong performer in Titled Tuesday, won his first event with a strong 9/10 performance. Savchenko won his first eight (!) games to take a huge lead in the event. A ninth-round loss against runner-up Moskalenko kept things interesting, but his win in the final round put the event away.

Savchenko won a nice, tactical game in round four against GM Jose Martinezo (@Jospem).

A more fortunate win came in round six against GM Grigor Grigorov (@GrigorGrigorov) when Savchenko's only trick in the following position paid off.

Not to be outdone, the second-place finisher, GM Alexander Moskalenko (@Alexander_Moskalenko), won the following game with this pleasing finish.

Also receiving some luck, Moskalenko found himself the beneficiary of a free piece of royalty in the final round from GM Sanan Sjugirov (@Sanan_Sjugirov).

Top-seed GM Daniel Naroditsky (@DanielNaroditsky) finished fourth, showing the importance of familiar patterns to his opponents.

Congratulations to our victors and thanks all of the 205 competitors playing in this month's event. Our next Titled Tuesday will be . We look forward to a great participation with many Olympiad participants returning for individual glory!

Final Standings | October Titled Tuesday

Place Seed Fed Title Username Name Score Prize
1 48 GM tigra Boris Savchenko 9 $500
2 8 GM Alexander_Moskalenko Александр Москаленко 8.5 $400
3 47 IM Korchmar_Vasiliy Vasiliy Korchmar 8 $250
4 1 GM DanielNaroditsky Daniel Naroditsky 7.5 $25
5 56 FM ahmadzada13 Ahmad Ahmadzada 7.5 $25
5 3 IM Shant_Sargsyan Shant Sargsyan 7.5 $25
7 82 GM AvitalBor Avital Boruchovsky 7.5 $25
8 131 FM besztok Bernardo Vainzoff Sztokbant 7.5 $25
9 18 GM dretch Conrad Holt 7.5 $25
10 16 GM BocharovD Dmitriy Bocharov 7.5 $25
11 11 GM Sanan_Sjugirov Sanan Sjugirov 7.5 $25
12 39 FM jerom555888 Roman Zhenetl 7.5 $25
13 7 IM wonderfultime Minh Le 7.5 $25
14 6 GM mishanick Alexey Sarana 7
15 90 IM kleinebeer98 Thomas Beerdsen 7
16 99 IM grzechu96 7
17 26 GM Jospem Jose Eduardo Martinez Alcantara 7

Complete crosstables and games are available here.

IM Levy Rozman (@gothamchess) streamed the event live on with an aura of stunned befuddlement at the many time-trouble blunders.

Watch Titled Tuesday with host IM Levy Rozman from Chess on

For clear first place and 9/10, Savchenko won $500. Second and third were also clearly decided as GM Alexander Moskalenko received $400 and IM Vasily Korchmar (@Korchmar_Vasiliy) got $250. There was a big 10-way tie for fourth and fifth place, diluting that prize to $25 for each of the players sharing prize money.

IM John Bartholomew (@fins0905) wins this month's streamers' prize of $100. He scored +3 in the tournament with 6.5/10.

Watch Titled Tuesday - Oct. 2018 from JohnBartholomew on

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