Sergei Karjakin: "I need to train with good coaches"

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Sergey Karjakin to play for RussiaIn the news this week was Sergei Karjakin's announcement that he will start playing for Russia instead of Ukraine. He and his family will probably move from Simferopol to Moscow soon, and become Russian citizens. In a video interview with ChessVibes, Karjakin explains that it's not a coincidence that he's now also working with Russian top coach and former second of Garry Kasparov: Yuri Dokhoian.

Transcript of the video:

Sergei Karjakin: "I am going to play for Russia and I am going to live in Russia, most likely. This decision was made because I didn't have enough support inside the country, in Ukraine. And I also need to train with good coaches and there are a few good coaches in Russia, for example Yuri Dokhoian, who worked with Garry Kasparov and now in this tournament he is working with me. So it's mostly because of the coaches."

When you talk about the support, can you talk about it a bit more? People have suggested that it also has to do with money, is this true?

"OK, I had a little bit support from the private sponsors, but I almost didn't have any support from the Federation. It's not like in Russia, where you have very big support from the Federation."

This is the first tournament you're working with Dokhoian; how did you get in touch with him?

"I was actually offered to work with him about one year ago. I was ready to pay my own money because I'm sure nobody would pay for me in Ukraine, but he couldn't do that because he has a contract with the Russian Federation and he cannot work with foreigners."

So this was actually an important reason to switch to the Russian Chess Federation?

"Yes, it's one of the biggest reasons."

How is it going so far with Dokhoian? Do you recognize his experience with Kasparov in your preparation?

"Yes, he has very big experience. OK, now at the beginning it's quite hard to work with a new person because he doesn't know where I have problems and I don't know what he can recommend me. But I'm sure if we will continue working and we will have training sessions, we will become a team."

Are you and your family actually planning to move to Russia?

"Yes, I think me and my family will move to Moscow."

And basically you will be a candidate for the Olympiad team and stuff?

"Yes, I will be a candidate. I think I will be invited - I hope!" [Laughs.]

Vassily Ivanchuk: "I think this is his personal decision. OK, if he thinks he will have more opportunities in the Russian Chess Federation, why not?" To the question if he was surprised, Ivanchuk answered: "I didn't think about it, but it's completely his personal decision."

Pavel Eljanov: "I think it's a very good chance for Sergey to improve his skills, because he's a very talented player. I think he's one of the most talented prodigies in the world. I think that with this great support of the Russian Chess Federation he has great chances to become World Champion in the future."
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