Shirov bids to replace Kamsky!

Shirov bids to replace Kamsky!

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Shirov - "Nobody can wait forever"

Breaking news - there are dramatic developments in the plans for the Kamsky vs. Topalov match due to be staged later this year as part of the current World Chess Championship cycle.

Around two weeks ago it was reported by Chessbase that money was in place for the match to be held in Lvov, Ukraine ( report here), but the truth of this report was immediately doubted by other sources and FIDE have apparently now confirmed that the promised sponsorship money has not materialised.

This leaves the only firm bid for the match as being the one from Sofia, Bulgaria. Kamsky, the Russian born GM now playing for the US, has clearly stated that he does not want to play in Bulgaria since this would give home advantage to his Bulgarian opponent.

After many delayed and missed deadlines, patience is wearing thin from all involved and Alexei Shirov (pictured) - who lost to Kamsky in the 2007 World Cup Final (by which Kamsky qualified to play Topalov) - is putting forward his case to replace him if, as it appears, a venue cannot be agreed.

Shirov has published the open letter below:

With this short press release I would like to bring attention to the following facts:

1. In spite of having passed all the possible deadlines, FIDE still has not announced the venue of the match Topalov-Kamsky. That means that the match should normally take place in Bulgaria because the Lvov offer seems not to have been materialized.

2. Mr. Gata Kamsky has declared that he does not wish to play in Bulgaria. According to the match regulations he should be replaced by me in this case.

3. It is absolutely clear that the silence and uncertainty should end and the firm decision about the forthcoming match should be taken. Nobody can wait forever and this concerns the reserve players as well.

Alexei Shirov

This letter puts considerable pressure on FIDE to get their act together and finalise arrangements, and also on Kamsky to either accept that he will have to play in Bulgaria or find an alternative bidder.  There is a FIDE meeting this weekend at which the way forward will be discussed.  Watch this space... 


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