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Some small announcements about some work I have done on the site recently. You've probably already noticed the little icons under the posts. These exist for you, the readers, to be able to share the articles with others. From left to right you'll find the icons of eKudos, NUjij, MSN Reporter, Digg, Stumble,, Technorati, Google bookmarks, Twitter and Email.

With these icons you can vote on posts at the most important social news sites, and by doing this you're spreading the news, and with it ChessVibes's name and fame!

Plaatsen/stemmen op NUjij NUjij is an addition to, the biggest Dutch news site, and rapidly NUjij has become the most popular Dutch social news site. By voting with the NUjij button, the readers decide which news is most important, ensuring a diverse front page of NUjij.

Plaatsen/stemmen op eKudos At the Dutch eKudos it's all about collecting and sharing news. You can place or write news that's important to you and vote on somebody elses's news. When an article gets enough votes (kudos) it appears on the front page.

Plaatsen/stemmen op MSN Reporter Voting with MSN Reporter is also possible and here too the concept is that readers themselves are the ones to determine which news is important, and should be shared with others.

Plaatsen/stemmen op StumbleUpon For English language readers it's possible to vote via StumbleUpon, a community-based popularity website.

Add to Digg It's also possible to vote via Digg, one of the most widely-used community-based popularity website.

Add to With this you can add the post the social bookmarking site and share it with others on one of the most popular social sites on the Internet.

Add to your Technorati favorites With this you can add the article to your Technorati favorites. Technorati is a site that searches information on blogs only.

Voeg toe aan je Google bladwijzers Add the post to your online "bookmarks" (also known as "favorites") at Google Bookmarks. Then afterwards you can find the article on any computers.

Place this post on Twitter With this you can place the post on Twitter, the fast-growing social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send "updates" (text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to the Twitter website, via e.g. short message service, instant messaging, or email.

Verstuur deze pagina per e-mail With this button you can email the post directly to one of your friends. For this the Feedburner service is used.

(I thank Henri van den Hoof for allowing me to use his plugin and I don't mind mentioning his site Marketingland.)

Some more small additions

And, under the posts you will now find a little counter. Some readers might remember this from Doggers-schaak. As from today you can see how many times an article has been read. The reason? Because I'm proud of my current visitors number (at the moment about 1,500 unique visitors daily) and I know others like to keep track of this too. Because the counter started to count this afternoon, the numbers are only correct as from today, as from the article you're now reading.

And finally a litte bit of fun in the grey column. Under the daily puzzle you will now find the header of the article that was published exactly one year ago on this site.
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