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Source file of the engine of Bonanza became downloadable

Jan 29, 2009, 4:09 AM 0 Misc

According to the toppage in Japanese of Computer Shogi(Japanese chess) Association, the source file of the engine of Bonanza developed by Hoki Kunihito became downloadable from its library on January 27. I'm not sure how big this is to people in computer chess community, but anyway here is the link to download it.

This is the first time for the source file of its engine to become available to download.

Bonanza is shogi freeware which lost a historical game against Ryuo Watanabe Akira in March 2007 but gave memorable impression that shogi software became much stronger than people thought at that time, which was sponsored by Daiwa Securities. There has been no more official match between a professional shogi player and a machine in shogi since then due to no sponsor to hold it after Daiwa Securities did. Japan shogi association has prohibited its professional players to play against a computer opponent open to public without certain amount of sponsorship.

For those who are not familiar with shogi, good video series are available to watch on YouTube. Here is the link to the playlist and the first video.

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