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Now that Corus, Linares, Aeroflot, Amber and other big tournaments in 2008 have finished, it's time for a new overview of chess events in the coming months. Spring's chess calendar.

The previous overview and especially the tournament calendar have been quite successful so far. Apparently chess fans really like to be able to see what's going to happen in tournament chess every now and then. Here's a new overview; for the open tournaments you can use the ChessVibes calendar.

1-14 April Russian Team Ch

Many top players still don't have time to rest yet, because they are playing in Russian Team Champiomship next week. Besides the title, the teams are fighting for four spots at the next European Cup. The Russian League is stronger than ever this year - it is said that except for Kramnik, Anand and Topalov, all the major players are playing.

2-13 April Dutch Ch / 5-13 April Intomart GfK Open

In a few days the Dutch Individual Championship starts. Big names such as Timman, Van Wely, Sokolov and Nikolic are not on the list unfortunately but on the other hand this gives a nice opportunity for the new stars. The question is: who will stop Tiviakov? During this championship, the Intomart GfK Open (the former HSG Open) also takes place, with e.g. Mchedlishvili, Fridman, and Van den Doel.

8-16 April Gausdal Chess Classics

This year's traditional Norwegian tournament has Kotronias, Macieja Kaidanov, Sandipan, Ikonnikov, Lie, Gopa, Krush, Hole and, indeed, Eric Moskow again.

18-20 April Dos Hermanas

In one weekend Veselin Topalov, Judit Polgar, Alexei Shirov and Francisco Vallejo Pons play a small rapid tournament.

20 April - 6 May FIDE Grand Prix, Baku

The first episode of this completely new tournament series, part of the world championship cycle. In this first edition Svidler, Mamedyarov, Radjabov, Carlsen, Karjakin, Adams, Kamsky, Cheparinov, Grischuk, Bacrot, Wang Yue, Inarkiev, Navara and Gashimov play.

20 April - 4 May European Individual Championship, Plovdiv

During the first Grand Prix the European Ch takes place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The strongest participants are Akopian, Sargissian, Vallejo Pons, Almasi, Timofeev, Bologan and K.Georgiev. On the ladies list we see Cramling, Danielian, Pogonian, Hoang Thanh Trang, Cmylite and Stefanova.

22-30 April Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament

The Swedes have their traditional April tournament as well; one of the few events Jan Timman still likes to play. This year he competes with (Lars Bo) Hansen, Hillarp Persson, Lie, Portisch, Stellwagen, Smith, Agrest and Kotronias.

7-18 mei Mtel Masters, Sofia

After Corus and Linares, the Mtel Masters is the third Grand Slam tournament of the year. Participants are Topalov, Cheparinov, Bu, Radjabov, Aronian en Ivanchuk.
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