St Petersburg and Moscow lead at Russian Team Ch

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Russian Team ChThe team of the St Petersburg Chess Federation and Chess Club "64" from Moscow are sharing the lead at the Russian Team Championship. After five rounds the two teams scored 9 match points. We selected 14 games and annotated many of them.

The 17th Russian Team Championship takes place from April 1st to 10th in hotel complex "Dagomys", close to Sochim Russia. Play starts daily at 15:00 local time which is 13:00 CET (GMT/UTC +3) with a rest day on April 6th. The rate of play is 100 minutes for the first 40 moves, then 50 minutes for the next 20 moves and then 10 minutes to end the game with 30 seconds increment for each move.

The "Premier League" is a single round-robin consisting of ten teams, with no less than three of the nine teams have an average rating of 2700 or higher. The lineups:

1. Economist-SGSEU - 1 (2704) - Wang Yue, Eljanov, Tomashevsky, Alekseev, Ni Hua, Moiseenko, Roiz, Andreikin 2. SPb Chess Fed (2700) - Ivanchuk, Svidler, Vitiugov, Movsesian, Zvjaginsev, Efimenko, Sakaev, Yemelin 3. ShSM-64 (2700) - Gelfand, Karjakin, Wang Hao, Caruana, Grachev, Riazantsev, Najer, Savchenko 4. Yugra (2689) - Grischuk, Jakovenko, Malakhov, Rublevsky, Landa, Sjugirov, Pridorozhni, Kabanov 5. Tomsk-400 (2687) - Ponomariov, Motylev, Bologan, Kurnosov, Inarkiev, Khismatullin, Timofeev, Amonatov 6. Ural (2618) - Nepomniachtchi, Belov, Kobalia, Lysyj, Ponkratov, Deviatkin, Shariyazdanov, Rashkovsky 7. M.Chigorin Chess Club (2584) - Khairullin, Matlakov, Romanov, Popov, Ionov, Shimanov, Anisimov, Levin 8. Etude-Contact (2555) - Khenkin, Rakhmanov, Chadaev, Papin, Krylov, Gabrielian, Chernobay, Orlinkov 9. Economist-SGSEU - 2 (2548) - Kovchan, Evdokimov, Novikov, Dyachkov, Iljushin, Lushenkov, Shukh, Sharafiev 10. BelGU (2493) - Ivanov, Potkin, Gasanov, Panarin, Bryzgalin, Uzhva, Fomichenko, Khoroshilov

Rounds 4-5

The 4th round saw a tough fight between reigning champions Tomsk-400 and St Petersburg which ended in 3-3. Ponomariov defeated Ivanchuk on board one, but Tomsk's Movsesian beat Kurnosov to level the score. Ural and Economist also drew 3-3, while "64" defeated Yugra 2-4. In round 5 "64" continued strongly with a 5-1 victory over BelGu while St Petersburg won 3.5-2.5 against Etude-Contact. Tomsk-400 was held 3-3 by Economist-2.

Today is a rest day in Dagomys. In round 6 St Petersburg meets Ural, while "64" plays Economist 1. The 8th round will see the clash between the current leading teams.

Russian Team Ch 2010 | Premier League | Round 5 Standings
Russian Team Ch 2010 | Premier League | Round 5 Standings

Selection of games & fragments

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