Stević wins Zadar Open

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The Zadar Open was also a qualifier for the Croatian championship, and might itself be considered an open Croatian championship: 27 of 45 players in the A group were from the host country, including 8 from the Croatian top 10 – with strange consequences for two participants.

GM Hrvoje Stević finished in first place thanks to a last-round win against Janković, but the real surprise of the event was 20th seed Slovenian IM Matej Šebenik who was leading for most of the tournament and eventually obtained clear second place. His result (TPR 2714) and the one of Croatian IM Milan Franić (TPR 2663) may not count as a GM norm according to the FIDE regulations - to make a long story short, both had too many Croatian opponents. If the main objective was to score a valid norm, Bosnian IM Denis Kadric was more "clever": he was 'hiding in the field' with a 50% score for most of the event and thus faced players from five federations – then 1.5/2 in the final rounds sufficed for a 2617 TPR.

The game viewer contains some wins by these four players, including Franić beating GM Bosiočić from a lost position (43.Qb1! wins for white who had missed some earlier opportunities, 43.Qg3?? loses on the spot). The four featured draws have a common theme: loose horses forcing or at least provoking a move repetition.

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Final standings

1GMStević HrvojeCRO26127.038.549.034.52726
2IMŠebenik MatejSLO25186.538.548.537.02714
3GMKožul ZdenkoCRO25776.039.551.033.02692
4GMŠarić AnteCRO24976.038.547.532.52679
5GMPredojević BorkiBIH26426.
6IMFranić MilanCRO23816.035.545.528.02663
7GMŠarić IvanCRO26485.538.548.529.02624
8GMSolak DraganSRB26295.538.548.529.02590
9GMSedlak NikolaSRB25925.536.546.029.02577
10GMBerczes DavidHUN25555.536.046.527.52593
11GMPap GyulaHUN24925.536.046.526.52601
12GMJanković AlojzijeCRO25645.534.543.032.02585
13GMKulaots KaidoEST25775.534.044.028.02559
14GMCvitan OgnjenCRO25235.531.540.027.02552
15IMKadric DenisBIH24035.035.545.525.02617
16GMSzabo KrisztianHUN25485.033.042.527.52539
17GMBosiočić MarinCRO25935.033.041.525.52484
18GMKuljašević DavorinCRO25605.032.541.026.52547
19GMZelčić RobertCRO25685.028.537.022.02480
20GMSvetushkin DmitryMDA26214.535.545.026.52530
21GMBrkić AnteCRO26054.534.044.025.52494
22IMBukal Vladimir Jr.CRO24234.533.041.023.52512
23GMKovačević AleksandarSRB25634.532.541.523.52487
24GMMartinović SašaCRO25044.531.040.523.02477
25IMMazi LeonSLO23534.530.538.521.52496
26GMJovanović ZoranCRO25814.530.039.021.52397
27FMJakić IvanCRO23984.526.533.520.52449
28GMDražić SinišaSRB25374.033.543.524.02432
29IMRežan SašaCRO24354.
30GMJovanić OgnjenCRO24764.030.038.518.52404
31IMKovačević BlažimirCRO24604.029.038.519.02370
32WGMPokorna ReginaSVK23624.028.536.018.52405
33NMMatko OgnjenCRO22444.026.534.516.52331
34FMMandekić IvanCRO22884.026.534.015.02310
35FMBiliškov VjekoslavCRO23384.
36IMRukavina JosipCRO24214.025.533.516.02335
37GMHecht Hans-JoachimGER23793.532.041.021.02403
38IMStojanović DaliborBIH24873.530.037.520.02350
39WGMVidenova IvaBUL22973.529.538.018.02376
40FMZelić MladenCRO22483.526.534.513.52227
41FMBrigljević MilanCRO22913.524.530.513.52214
42IMFeletar DarkoCRO23853.524.031.014.52250
43FMPaljušaj EdmondCRO23523.029.536.515.52239
44NMVukelić TomislavCRO22362.524.031.512.02091
45CMArjun BharatIND21782.022.529.511.02054


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