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Streaming Grandmasters Assemble As Ljubljana Direwolves

Streaming Grandmasters Assemble As Ljubljana Direwolves

Dec 25, 2016, 8:13 AM 0

This Slovenian team is a perfect fit for the PRO Chess League.

They have four local grandmasters in Luka Lenic, Dusko Pavasovic, Jure Borisek and Jure Skoberne, and they also have a twitch channel in which they can be found streaming live chess games all over the Internet:


Check out one of their blitz sessions here and be sure to subscribe to them.

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

Luka Lenic should be their star player, as he is currently the highest rated player in Slovenia. 40-year-old Dusko Pavasovic is a three-time Slovenian Champion and is described as "the mentor of the team."

Part of the concept of the PRO Chess League is that teams and players will stream their matches in order to gain worldwide exposure for their teams and the league. It looks like the Ljubljana Direwolves are all set to do that and with a team of tight-knit grandmasters on their roster, they should be one of the favorites in the Orange Division.

The PRO Chess League welcomes the Ljubljana Direwolves!

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