Strongest students also live in Russia

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Chess is quite popular among students, which is not that surprising. Even less surprising is that Russian students are the strongest in the world. This was proved last week, at the World University Championship in Novokuznetsk, Siberia.

The 10th World University Chess Championship tournament was organised 4-10 March in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

There was both a men's and a women's tournament; both 9-round individual Swiss, in which the special rule applied that in round 8 and 9 players of the same team would not be paired against each other. The rate of play was 1 hour and 30 minutes and 30 seconds increment per move from the first move.The team classification was established according to the sum of the results of the 4 best ranked players (2 in each tournament). Each country was authorised to enter a team of 8 players (5 men and 3 women, 5 women and 3 men or 4 men and 4 women was all possible).These players played:
Final standings (with the results in each round):

The delegation from Iran
The venue
A great opening ceremony... detail...
...and more
Organized for the 10th time...
...with students from 12 countries

Beautiful prizes to win

A great picture from the playing hall

Bowling on the rest day

And visiting the monument that commemorates the victims from the Second World War

Special guest: Anatoli Karpov

Who needs a Staunton chess set?

The winning team from Russia

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