Summer Contest: questions 5 / 16

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This is the fifth set of three questions in the ChessVibes Summer Contest 2008. The first prize of the contest is a one-year subscription to New in Chess Magazine. Good luck!

Summer Contest: questions 5 / 16

2a. Who is this famous player?

2b. From which famous game comes this position? (Click on the image for a larger version)

2c. Black has just played 21...Rc8 here. What could be the idea?

Please send you answers to, using "5a", "5b" and "5c". For more information on our Contest see below.

Every day, from July 12 to 27, a set of three questions will be published. Every day, you try to 1) recognize a famous chess player from a photo, 2) recognize a famous chess game from a certain position, 3) solve a middlegame or endgame puzzle.

Your daily task is a very simple one: send us the best answers you can think of, by email, to It's possible to discuss the question below the article, but to be able to take part of the contest you have to email your answers. Spoiling the answers might lead to removal from the contest.

After I get back, I will decide on the three winners. If some of you decide to use a chess program to find the answers, that's your choice (I wouldn't enjoy it very much like that, I think). In the end I will look at the best and quickest answers I receive.

What are the prizes?

one-year subscription (or renewal) to New in Chess Magazineone-year subscription (or renewal) to ICCForcing Chess Moves by Charles Hertan
First prize: a one-year subscription (or renewal) to New in Chess MagazineSecond prize: a one-year subscription (or renewal) to the Internet Chess Club (ICC)Third prize: Forcing Chess Moves by Charles Hertan

You can send you answers till and including Sunday, July 27, 2008. Within a few weeks we will announce the winners.

Enjoy the contest!
Peter Doggers

Peter Doggers joined a chess club a month before turning 15 and still plays for it. He used to be an active tournament player and holds two IM norms.

Peter has a Master of Arts degree in Dutch Language & Literature. He briefly worked at New in Chess, then as a Dutch teacher and then in a project for improving safety and security in Amsterdam schools.

Between 2007 and 2013 Peter was running ChessVibes, a major source for chess news and videos acquired by in October 2013.

As our Director News & Events, Peter writes many of our news reports. In the summer of 2022, The Guardian’s Leonard Barden described him as “widely regarded as the world’s best chess journalist.”

In October, Peter's first book The Chess Revolution will be published!

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