Svidler Wins Aker Chess Challenge

Svidler Wins Aker Chess Challenge

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In a thrilling final showdown, Peter Svidler (pictured) edged out Magnus Carlsen to win the final of the Aker Chess Challenge.  Hikaru Nakamura beat Kjetil Lie to claim the third place spot.

The penultimate qualifying round saw Carlsen beat Svidler and Nakamura beat Lie.  Then a tense final round resulted in a draw between Carlsen and Nakamura whilst Svidler piled on the agony for Lie by winning again.  Poor Lie had his chances, but ended up losing all his games in the qualifying rounds.

This left a three way tie between Svidler, Carlsen and Nakamura and so a blitz playoff competition was needed to select the two finalists.

 Carlsen, Magnus    NOR    2776 *   *   0 ½   ½   1 1 1 4

 Nakamura, Hikaru   USA   2699 1 ½  *  *  0 ½  1 1 4

 Svidler, Peter   RUS   2723 ½  0 1 ½  *  *  1 1 4

 Lie, Kjetil A   NOR   2539 0 0 0 0 0 0 *  *  0

Carlsen won both his tie-break blitz games against Svidler and Nakamura, and with Svidler winning his game with Nakamura, the 'H-Bomb' had bombed out.

The first game of the final ended in a draw, but Svidler won with the black pieces in game 2 to win the Aker Chess Challenge.  Nakamura beat Lie in their first game and drew the second to take the third place spot.

All games below!  First the games from the last two qualifying rounds, then the blitz tie-break games and lastly the final and third place playoff games.

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