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Peter Svidler Wins Čez Chess Trophy

Peter Svidler Wins Čez Chess Trophy

Cez Chess Trophy 2012 Svidler v Navara.jpgPeter Svidler won the Čez Chess Trophy, beating David Navara 3-1 in their 4-game match in Prague.

The match was part of the Čez Chess Festival which took place from 20 - 24 June in Malostranská Beseda, which included simultaneous displays by both players, chess lectures, and an exhibition of chess-related philately.

Peter Svidler played a simultaneous exhibition on the 'rest' day, achieving a clean sweep by winning all 22 of his games against class players and candidate masters.  David Navara took on stronger opposition in a four-game clock simul (40 minutes plus 30 seconds increment), winning 3 games but losing to Vojtěch Straka.

The time control for the match was 90 minutes for 30 moves, with a 30 second increment from the start.

The match results:

Name  Nat Elo 1 2 3 4 Pts
Peter Svidler RUS  2741 ½ 1 1 ½ 3
David Navara CZE  2706 ½ 0 0 ½ 1


David Navara and Svidler shake hands before their first match game

cez_chess_trophy_2012_Svidler Navara game 1.jpg


The audience watching game two, which Peter Svidler won.

cez_chess_trophy_2012_Svidler Navara game 2.jpg


Svidler rebuffed Navara's wild attack in game 3 to seal the match victory before the final game

cez_chess_trophy_2012_Svidler Navara game 3.jpg




Peter Svidler was impressive in his simul exhibition, winning all 22 games!

cez_chess_trophy_2012_Svidler v Navara simul.jpg


David Navara won 3 of his 4 'clock simul' games, but lost to Vojtěch Straka

cez_chess_trophy_2012_Navara simul.jpg


Photos from the official website.

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