Tal Memorial Starts With A Bang

Tal Memorial Starts With A Bang

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There were three exciting and decisive games in the first round of the Tal Memorial in Moscow.  One of the first round matches pitted Vladimir Kramnik (pictured) and Alexei Shirov against one another.  This pair have 'history' and their games are always hard fought affairs (Shirov beat Kramnik in a match to play Kasparov for the world title, but the finances fell through, Kramnik stepped in, and the rest is history - much to Shirov's chagrin).

True to form, Shirov played the Meran and a sharp struggle ensued.  Shirov sacrificed a bishop for a few pawns and Kramnik's King looked decidedly bare, but Kramnik kept everything under control and struck back to win.  Thrilling stuff!

Vassily Ivanchuk made amends for his recent loss to gata Kamsky in the Sochi Grand Prix by destroying the American in their first round game here in Moscow.  Gata played his favourite Grunfeld defence, but Ivanchuk unleashed a storm which forced Kamsky's pieces to cower helplessly in the corner.  Kamsky couldn't find a way out and overlooked a simple mate in three for Chucky - time trouble may have been a factor.

The enigmatic Alexander Morozevich is known for his unusual openings and he didn't disappoint today, using the Trompovsky to despatch Alekseev.  Bravo!

The full results in round 1:

Ivanchuk, Vassily - Kamsky, Gata 1-0 36 D92 Gruenfeld 5.Bf4
Kramnik, Vladimir - Shirov, Alexei 1-0 46 D47 Queens Gambit Meran
Morozevich, Alexander - Alekseev, Evgeny 1-0 40 A45 Trompowsky
Leko, Peter - Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar ½-½ 29 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Ponomariov, Ruslan - Gelfand, Boris ½-½ 43 C42 Petroff's Defence


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