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Tashkent FIDE Grand Prix Underway

Tashkent FIDE Grand Prix Underway

Tashkent Grand Prix 2012 banner.jpg

The second FIDE Grand Prix of the 2012/13 series got underway in Tashkent today with first round wins for Sergey Karjakin and Alexander Morozevich.

Sergey Karjakin impressively outplayed Leinier Dominguez with the black pieces, while Alexander Morozevich put his recent poor form behind him by beating Gata Kamsky.

Morozevich's American opponent was faring well until his disastrous slip with 34...Rg6?? ended the game suddenly.

Sergey Karjakin started with an impressive win

2012 Tashkent Grand Prix round 1 Sergey Karjakin.jpg



Alexander Morozevich (left) won a fierce clash with Gata Kamsky

2012 Tashkent Grand Prix round 1 Alexander Morozevich Gata Kamsky.jpg


Fabiano Caruana drew with Peter Svidler

2012 Tashkent Grand Prix round 1 Fabiano Caruana.jpg



Ruslan Ponomariov drew his game with Wang Hao

2012 Tashkent Grand Prix round 1 Ruslan Ponomariov.jpg



Boris Gelfand let a good position slip against Peter Leko

2012 Tashkent Grand Prix round 1 Boris Gelfand.jpg



FIDE President Kirsan Illyumzhinov made the first move between Mamedyarov and Kasimdzhanov

2012 Tashkent Grand Prix round 1 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Rustam Kasimdzhanov.jpg



Games start at 14:00 local time in Tashkent (09:00 UTC) except the final round which is 2 hours earlier. Live video coverage and commentary is available at the official website.

The Tashkent Grand Prix Schedule

21/11/2012 Arrival & Opening
22/11/2012 Round 1
23/11/2012 Round 2
24/11/2012 Round 3
25/11/2012 Round 4
26/11/2012 Free Day
27/11/2012 Round 5
28/11/2012 Round 6
29/11/2012 Round 7
30/11/2012 Round 8
01/12/2012 Free Day
02/12/2012 Round 9
03/12/2012 Round 10
04/12/2012 Round 11 & Closing
05/12/2012 Departure


The overall winner and runner-up of the 2012/13 FIDE Grand Prix will qualify for the March 2014 Candidates Tournament.  Before then, we are due to have the 2013 Candidates in March 2013 in London, with the winner challenging Vishy Anand for the title in October/November 2013.

Photos from the official website.  Games via TWIC.

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