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Vladislav Tkachiev from France became the new European Champion after he beat Cheparinov, Jakovenko and Sutovsky in yesterday's tiebreak. They had ended shared first with Pavasovic, Cheparinov, Sakaev and (IM!) Iljin with 8 out of 11. It was far less exciting in the women's section. In what was really Tatiana's Tournament, the youngest Kosintseva put down a magnificent 10 out of 11 (with a tpr of 2774, better than any of the performers in the open section, as was noted by Dennis Monokroussos). The tiebreaks brought her sister Nadezhda bronze and Antoaneta Stefanova silver.

First, as this doesn't seen to have appeared on, the tiebreak results:

Sutovsky   - Sakaev        1,5 - 0,5
Pavasovic  - Iljin         1,5 - 0,5
Cheparinov - Tkachiev      1,5 - 0,5

Jakovenko - Tkachiev 0,5 - 1,5 Sutovsky - Pavasovic 1,5 - 0,5 Sakaev - Iljin 1,5 - 0,5 Tkachiev - Sutovsky 2 - 0 Jakovenko - Pavasovic 1,5 - 0,5 Cheparinov - Sakaev 3 - 1

The tiebreak match Tkachiev-Sutovsky | Photo ?Ǭ© Peter Sowray

Unfortunately the tournament started badly with the live broadcasting of the games, and it seems to have ended quite chaotic too. What was the case? Before the tournament started, the participants knew that 33 players would qualify for the next Chess World Cup. (In the women's section 13 players would qualify for the next Women World Chess Championships.) This number of 33 seems to have been reduced to 29 at the last minute. The top seven (with 8 out of 11) qualified of course, and the next ten (some but not all of the players who had 7,5 out of 11) also seemed to have qualified immediately. Tiebreak matches were played between the next 24 players, the numbers 18 till and including 32:

Volkov     - Kurnosov       2  -  0
Vitiugov   - Meier         1,5 - 0,5
Eljanov    - Jankovic      1,5 - 0,5
Avrukh     - Beliavsky      2  -  0 
Roiz       - Bologan        3  -  1
Rodshtein  - Iljusin        1  -  3
Motylev    - Hracek         3  -  2 
Khalifman  - Markus         0  -  2
Tiviakov   - Mchedlishvili  3  -  1
V.Georgiev - Socko          1  -  3
Bartel     - Najer         0,5 - 1,5
Gajewski   - Hera           2  -  0

So it seems that the Dresden qualifiers for the FIDE World Cup are: Tkachiev, Sutovsky, Jakovenko, Pavasovic, Cheparinov, Sakaev, Iljin, Volokitin, Gustafsson, Tomashevsky, Almasi, Malakhov, Galkin, Laznicka, Nisipeanu, Nevednichy, Landa, Volkov, Vitiugov, Eljanov, Avrukh, Roiz, Iljusin, Motylev, Markus, Tiviakov, Socko, Najer and Gajewski.

For the next FIDE Women Wch have qualified: the sisters Kosintseva, Stefanova, Hoang Thanh Trang, Atalik, Rajlich, Korbut, Socko, Khurtsidze, Zakurdjaeva, Moser, Khukhashvili and Bojkovic.

However, this information is most probably incomplete and might be wrong, since no official statement on the World Cup qualifacation has been made yet on the tournament website nor the FIDE website.

The winner's games from the main tournament:

The games of the Queen of Dresden:

PGN files of the complete tournament are to be found at Mark Crowther's TWIC of course: men & women.


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