The Big ChessVibes Christmas Trivia Quiz (part II of III)

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Today we give you the second set of ten questions of our Big ChessVibes Christmas Trivia Quiz! Good luck!

Today questions 11-20; tomorrow the last ten will follow. Send your answers before Sunday, December 27th, 23:59 CET to and who knows, you might end up winning one of the following prizes:


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Big ChessVibes Christmas Trivia Quiz - Part II

11. The World Junior Chess Championship has been organized since 1951. 11A Of the following ten players, five won the title once, and five never. Which of these names won the title? Aronian, Bielicki, Carlsen, Fischer, Hübner, Ivkov, Kaplan, Leko, Spassky, Timman. 11B Four of the sixteen World Champions also won the World Junior title. Which four?

12. Where do they live?
Viswanathan AnandAmsterdam
Levon AronianAthens
Fabiano CaruanaBerlin
Vladimir KramnikBudapest
Joel LautierCollado Mediano
Yasser SeirawanMoscow
Alexei ShirovParis
Nigel ShortRiga
Veselin TopalovSalamanca

13. Thirteen games in the match between Anand and Kasparov in 1995 ended in a draw. How often was Kasparov the one who offered a draw? 13A zero 13B two 13C eleven 13D all thirteen

13E There are only three players who played more than one classical game against Kasparov and have a plus score. Name all three players.

14 Three photos. One of them is a former World Champ, the other a former FIDE President and the third a former World Junior Champ. Name these three famous players.
14A 14B 14C

15 Four album covers. Name the albums and artists!
15A 15B
15C 15D

16 IM Christoph Wisnewski wrote a monograph about 1...Nc6, the Nimzovich Opening, for Everyman. Last year a book about opening traps was published by the same publisher, this time written by Christoph Scheerer. ‘Previously Wisnewski’, according to Everyman. This question is about players whose name was changed significantly during their chess career. Connect the old names to the correct new names.
NenashevVan Laatum

17. A question about the World Senior Chess Championship. 17A From what age are you allowed to participate in this event? 17B Which player won the title three times? 17C Of the following names, six players won the title at least once, and six didn't. Which players won the title? Yuri Averbakh, Jacob Murey, Ewfim Geller, Jusefs Petkevich, Larry Kaufman, Lajos Portisch, Viktor Korchnoi, Vassily Smyslov, Bent Larsen, Boris Spassky, Henrique Mecking, Mark Taimanov.

18.There are many couples of two chess players in the chess world. Create the correct couples!

Suat AtalikElena Akhmilovskaya
Juan Manuel Bellon LopezAnna Akhsharumova
Pascal CharbonneauClaudia Amura
Glenn FlearKetevan Arakhamia
Laurent FressinetCamilla Baginskaite
Daniel FridmanMonika Bobrowska
Robert FontainePia Cramling
Jonathan GrantKaterina Dolzhikova
Alexander GrischukEsther Epstein
Boris GulkoPetra Fink
Gilberto HernandezPetra Krupkova
Lars Bo HansenIrina Krush
Alexander IvanovKateryna Lahno
Sergey KarjakinChristine Leroy
Yona KosashviliYvette Nagel
Vadim MalakhatkoSofia Polgar
Mohamed al-ModiahkiEkaterina Polovnikova
Sergei MovsesianEvgenia Peicheva
John NunnAlmira Skripchenko
Georgy OrlovNatalia Zhukova
Yasser SeirawanAnna Zatonskikh
Bartosz SockoZhu Chen
Alex YermolinskyAnna Zozulia

19. For a long time Peter Svidler thought the Marshall Gambit of the Ruy Lopez to be dubious, but eventually he started playing the move 8...d5 himself. Who inspired him? 19A Michael Adams 19B John Nunn 19C Jimi Hendrix 19D Billy Joel

20A Who are the two men in the left picture? 20B Which chess player is chosen for the sculpture on the right?

That's it for today. Tomorrow the last ten questions! Feel free to discuss the quiz in the comments, but needless to say, no answers please!
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