The Computer World Championships

The Computer World Championships

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There's no lavish opening ceremony, no glamorous website* and little attention or fanfare, but ahead of the clash of mere mortals in Germany later this month, their silicon overlords are battling it out in Beijing.

The World Computer Chess Championships hosted by the International Computer Games Association, has attracted the top chess engines to compete for the coveted title, which will adorn the cover of the winner's DVD after the event!

After four rounds of the 9 round all-play-all event, Rybka and Hiarcs are joint leaders on 3.5/4.  The highlight so far was the clash between Rybka and Shredder in round 2.


Shredder fans may like to know that Shredder's games are being broadcast live at the Shredder website.

*In fact there IS a website, though it's certainly not glamorous.  Look here for the official coverage, inlcuding downloadable games from the event.

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