Chess Movie - The Story of I.S.318

Chess Movie - The Story of I.S.318

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randy_riveria.JPGScholastic chess is the lifeblood of our wonderful game.  Most of us learned to play while in school and once bitten by the bug it stays with us for life! Cool

Despite it's demonstrated benefits to young people, chess is not usually a priority for schools and is often the first to face the axe when budgets are cut.  However, you would think that a school with a national championship chess winning side would be different.

Not so.

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In 2007, filmmakers Katie and Nelson Dellamaggiore visited the I.S. 318 in Williamsburg Brooklyn, home to the best junior high chess team in the country. With 26 national titles to date this team is a powerhouse and their perennial success is a big source of school pride.

Fast forward almost three years later and I.S. 318 is dealt a massive school budget cut, one that now threatens the livelihood of their chess program. Is it possible the best chess team in the nation might not have the money to compete for this year's title? Chess is a lot more than just a board game - Katie and Nelson want the opportunity to show just why!
After a week of fundraising, Katie and Nelson reached their initial goal of $4000. But they need a lot more than that to finish their movie. Donors get a few perks and can be a part of something special!
Check out their awesome video teaser here!


If you want to help them make their movie, click here

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