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Hi Everyone

Follow on from Mark's remarks in the notes i totally understand his frustration at keeping playing for Dorset against opponents who are of higher rank,When i look for matches to play friendlys one of the things i look at is the average rating of the opponents, We do need some of are higher rank players to join in sometimes.

I have build this side squad to 28 over the past couple of months with the county championship in mind, At the moment we would be in group A for teams with more than 26 members, but if we are to compete in this group we need most of us to play in the matches as some of the counties we play have twice the size of are squad.

If you are not interested in playing in the county championship matches please could you let me know, I am willing to set up another Dorset Team for players who don't want to join in the county championship.i need to know so that we in the right group for the start of the champioship.

On another note am i setting up too many friendly matches and do you want some vote chess matches. Any other ideas would be most grateful as well.


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