Third Micha Leuw Memorial

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During the last two months I've been pretty busy and there wasn't much time for chess. Playing, that is. This weekend was an exception because I was invited for a special tournament: the Micha Leuw Memorial. In a small round-robin of six players I ended fourth. More importantly, I played two games that Micha would have liked: sharp and adventurous.

The remarkable chess player Micha Leuw passed away much too young, at the end of 2004 on a holiday in Thailand, not long before the tsunami would make so much victims over there. Micha went on a boat trip for snorkeling but never returned. The three-times club champion of Ca?ɬØssa Amsterdam is remembered every year with a tournament with the following formula: three strong players (masters/grandmasters) and three "candidate masters". This year the participants were (with their current FIDE-rating): GM Karel van der Weide (2502), IM Maarten Solleveld (2467), IM Eelke Wiersma (2426), Arno Bezemer (2364), Hilke van den Berg (2187) and myself (2262).

The tournament is held together with the Eijgenbrood Tournament, a tournament with a similar motive but a much longer tradition. In 1984 Mr Eijgenbrood, who had been of huge importance for the Ca?ɬØssa chess club, died and he was also given a memorial: the only weekender in The Netherlands with a top level rating border (2250). The winner of the Eijgenbroodtoernooi qualifies for the Micha Leuw Memorial and this year Ivo Wantola managed to do this. More info at the tournament site.

The final standings of the third edition of the Micha Leuw Memorial:

The most important game of the tournament was Solleveld-Van der Weide. Till then, the GM hadn't been defeated in all MLM editions.

My second-round game had a nice finish.

This afternoon I almost beat a GM. Here's the game with some quick notes.

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Download all MLM 2007 games here.

The beautiful venue in seventies style: the Lydia House at the Roelof Hart Square in Amsterdam

The stage with the MLM group

Maarten Solleveld

Almost beat a GM ...
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