Tiebreak 4.2: vijf spelers al doorTiebreak 4.2: five players already through

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Five players already qualfied today for the quarter finals of the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk: Carlsen, Cheparinov, Karjakin, Ponomariov and Shirov. The most spectacular game was Wang Yue-Cheparinov, in which the young Bulgarian kicked out the last Chinese player from the Black side of a model-S?ɬ§misch King's Indian. Karjakin showed excellent preparation against Nisipeanu's pet system against the Najdorf, won a pawn and converted it in an opposite-coloured bishops ending. Shirov only needed a draw with White but kept faifthful to his attacking style, and eventually liquidated to a drawn endgame.

Ponomariov drew a slightly worse endgame with Black against Sasikiran and calculated one long and forcing line to the draw very deeply. For about fifty moves Carlsen defended an ending with a pawn down against Adams, and then forced the draw immediately with a tactical trick. Only three of the eight matches have to be decided in tiebreak matches tomorrow: Bareev-Alekseev, Jakovenko-Aronian and Kamsky-Svidler. One match in round 5 is known already: Carlsen-Cheparinov.


Some photos from the official website: Wang Yue - Ivan Cheparinov

Gata Kamsky - Peter Svidler

Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu - Sergei Karjakin

Alexei Shirov - Vladimir Akopian

Evgeny Bareev - Evgeny Alekseev

Krishnan Sasikiran - Ruslan Ponomariov
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