Today: PRO Chess League Final

Today: PRO Chess League Final

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The 2020 PRO Chess League will be decided today in the final between the Saint Louis Arch Bishops and the Armenia Eagles. The teams will be fighting for a $20,000 first prize.

The final will start Sunday, September 27 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time / 19:00 Central Europe. The games of the PRO Chess League Finals are played in Live Chess. You can also watch them here as part of our live games platform. The broadcast is on with commentary by GM Maurice Ashley, GM Robert Hess, IM Anna Rudolf, and IM Danny Rensch.

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Preview of the finals weekend

The PRO Chess League finals are the culmination of the fourth season that began on January 6, 2020, followed by the playoffs held in March. The final four teams will each bring top grandmasters to fight for a $40,000 total prize fund, with $20,000 going to the winning team.

PRO Chess League prizes

The action will start on Friday, September 25, at 7:45 a.m. Pacific time / 16:45 Central Europe with the match between the Saint Louis Arch Bishops and the China Pandas. Next will be the Canada Chessbrahs against the Armenia Eagles at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time / 19:30 Central Europe.

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The two losing teams will then face each other on Saturday, Sept. 26, for their fight for third place.

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The big final is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 27. at 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 19:00 CEST.

2020 PRO Chess League schedule

This final weekend of the PRO Chess League will see some of the very best grandmasters in the world as well as young, upcoming stars with amazing online skills. Two-time winner Saint Louis Arch Bishops is the slight favorite, although their opponent in the first round, the China Pandas, are the only team with a rapid player rated over 2800.

Lineups PRO Chess League Finals

# Logo Fed Saint Louis Arch Bishops Rapid Elo Pts Games Perf
1 Fabiano Caruana 2773 19 28 2768
2 Leinier Dominguez 2786 20 32 2713
3 Wesley So 2741 24 32 2825
4 Jeffery Xiong 2730 7 12 2658
# Logo Fed China Pandas Rapid Elo Pts Games Perf
1 Ding Liren 2826 6 8 2733
2 Yu Yangyi 2738 8 12 2747
3 Wei Yi 2752 24.5 36 2769
4 Li Chao 2645 11 19 2671
# Logo Fed Armenia Eagles Rapid Elo Pts Games Perf
1 Parham Maghsoodloo 2532 7 12 2687
2 Haik Martirosyan 2278 17 24 2766
3 Tigran Petrosian 2637 7.5 16 2618
4 Raunak Sadhwani 2454 5.5 8 2798
# Logo Fed Canada Chessbrahs Rapid Elo Pts Games Perf
1 Alexander Grischuk 2784 26 36 2772
2 Anish Giri 2731 9 12 2841
3 Ivan Saric 2650 10 23 2583
4 Aryan Tari 2519 7.5 8 2848

Here are links to preview articles that focus on each of the four teams:

Like in the regular season, the time control for all games will be 10 minutes plus a two-second increment. Every player on a team will play every player on the other team for a total of 16 games.

In case of a tie, board four from one team plays board four from the opposing team, and the loser of that game is replaced by board three of their team. This continues until one team eliminates the other team's first board.

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