Tomashevsky Is Euro Champ

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The Russian Grandmaster, Eugene Tomashevsky has won the European Championships in Budva, Montenegro.  The final round of this Open event finished with a staggering 11 grandmasters sharing first place with 8 points out of 11.

After a complicated series of tie-break matches were played (2 games at a rate of 15 mins + 5 sec/move, and a sudden death game if needed) Tomashevsky finally beat Vladimir Malakhov in a sudden death game to win the title!

Here is the decisive sudden death game...Tomashevsky playing white had five minutes, against his opponent's four minutes, but he had to win - a draw would have meant a loss.  Malakhov had the game in the bag, but hung his rook with 48...Re1.  A great shame for Malakhov, but congrats to Tomashevsky!

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