Top GMs in French top league (UPDATE)

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French LeagueLast weekend the French Team Championship (top 16) concluded its preliminary phase, in which two groups of eight teams fought for places in the play-offs which will be held at the end of this month. Several 2700+ players came to France, some of them travelling directly from Nalchik: Bacrot and Svidler. We've put together a selection of interesting game fragments for replay. Update: the spectacular Bacrot - Vachier-Lagrave added.

April 30th - May 3rd was another big weekend of the Interclubs Adultes Top 16, the French Team Championship, taking place in Mulhouse (group A) and Chalons-en-Champagne (group B). May 28-31 the play-offs will decide on the title, for which the following teams have qualified:

Group A Evry Grand Roque (Svidler, Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave...) Clichy (Jakovenko, Naiditsch, Fressinet...) Mulhouse Philidor (Bologan, Dreev, Navara...) Noyon (Gofshtein, Magem Badals...)

Group B Montpellier (Van Wely, Stellwagen, Hamdouchi...) Cannes (Sasikiran, V.Tkachiev, Kazhgaleyev...) Vandoeuvre (Meier, Landa, Bauer...) Chalons en Champagne (Nyback, Smirin, Krasenkow...)

All of these players were active in France in the last few days, with a total of seven team matches on the program. Bacrot played during the last three matches while Svidler represented his team in the last two rounds. A nice win over Jakovenko is one example of what you can find in the selection below:

Game fragments


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