Topalov And Kamsky Draw Game 6

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Gata Kamsky failed to make a dent against Topalov's choice of the Caro-Kann defence in game 6 of their 8-game match for the right to challenge world champion Vishy Anand.

Kamsky tried the advance variation with 4. Nf3 but after Topalov played the novelty 11...g6 Kamsky struggled to find a way to keep the pressure up, and Topalov soon achieved an equal game after 15...Rc8.

Kamsky again used a lot of time, and Topalov pressed hard himself later in the game to try to take advantage, but a draw was eventually agreed.

Tomorrow is the last rest day, so game 7 is on Thursday, and - if needed - the final game will be on Friday.

Kamsky feeling the pressure... (picture courtesy of the official site)

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