Topalov Arrive in Sofia!

Topalov Arrive in Sofia!

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The 3 times winner of Mtel Masters, Veselin Topalov, has arrived in Sofia this afternoon. Topalov arrived at the VIP and shared his expectation with Chessdom and several local journalists.

"I am in very good mood before the Mtel Masters 2008," said Topalov. "I expect Aronian and Ivanchuk to be the most dangerous opponents. Aronian has proven many times to be the player advancing the fastest at top level. Ivanchuk can always surprise as well. I suppose Cheparinov and Radjabov will come tired from Baku."

Veselin Topalov continued, "Mtel Masters 2008 is more important than last years because it is a part of the Grand Slam. A victory here will be more important than before."

Topalov could not escape questions about his match with Kamsky. He confirmed that if there is a real offer from Ukraine, it ould be a pleasure for him to play there. However, he noted, "I do not think there are official guarantees from Ukranian side".

Asked about the other semi final match Kramnik - Anand, Topalov said, "For now this match does not concern me. I look forward to the match with Kamsky, where there is no official host announced."