Topalov Crushes Anand In Game 1

Topalov Crushes Anand In Game 1

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Veselin_Topalov_2010_WC_1_copyrighted.jpgThe delayed start of the World Chess Championship match was at the request of Vishy Anand, but it didn't seem to do the champion much good as he fell to a crushing defeat in the first game.

Both players blitzed out the early moves of a Gruenfeld defence, following home preparation. Topalov (pictured) had sacrificed a pawn for a development advantage and better co-ordinated pieces.

The position was dynamically balanced, but Anand had to play accurately to avoid trouble. The champion may have become confused over his opening preparation and 23...Kf7 allowed Topalov to play an attractive knight sacrifice with 24. Nxf6.

From that moment on, the result never seemed in doubt.  A dream start for Topalov, but a complete nightmare for Anand.

The game score is below with analysis from GM Magesh Panchanathan.



Many thanks to Jesse Kraai for providing entertaining free live commentary and analysis of the game at TV for the hundreds of members watching.  And also for explaining the benefits of being follicly challenged!


Picture courtesy of the official website.

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