Topalov on Kramnik - Anand: New In Chess # 07

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If I tell you that New in Chess 2007 # 07 is a bumper issue with 106 pages, please realise we do NOT publish federation info, calendars, kid's puzzles, scoring tables from sub-regional competitions you didn't know existed, adress changes of local chairpersons, or similarly exciting news many publications seem to have to fill their pages with. From New In Chess you may expect only the best. Just to give you an idea: we contracted two guest annotators for the games of the recent World Championship in Mexico. Their names? Veselin Topalov (on Kramnik - Anand) and Magnus Carlsen (on Anand-Grischuk and Kramnik-Grischuk). Of course we also have Vishy Anand analysing, he does his brilliant win against Morozevich. And the new World Champion also gives a frank interview to our editor-in-chief Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam ('a master interviewer', according to The Washington Post). Other highlights:
  • additional Mexico annotations by Boris Gelfand, Peter Heine Nielsen, Peter Leko, and Peter Svidler
  • John Nunn, Nigel Short, Ian Rogers and David Navara as on-the-spot reporters from Amsterdam, Liverpool, Mainz and Carlsbad
  • our co-editor-in-chief Jan Timman on the Staunton Memorial
  • and Artur Jussupov on his favourite actress.

And more game annotations by Karjakin, Cheparinov, Short, Zhang Pengxiang, Movsesian, Navara, and Timman. For further information please have a look here.
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