Topalov Tops Official Rating List

Topalov Tops Official Rating List

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Now that there is an unofficial liverating website available for players over 2700 Elo, the sense of anticipation before the publication of the official FIDE quarterly rating list has largely gone.  However, since the live ratings have no official standing, the FIDE list is still what really matters.

As expected, Veselin Topalov (pictured) of Bulgaria is at #1 on the 1 October 2008 rating list.  However, perhaps just as noteworthy is how incredibly close it is at the top.  Rankings 1 to 6 are separated by a mere 19 rating points!  Such fractions are virtually negligible and could be lost or gained by one good tournament.

The Super Six are:

 1.Veselin Topalov
 2.Alexander Morozevich
 3.Vassily Ivanchuk
 4.Magnus Carlsen
 5.Viswanathan Anand
 6.Vladimir Kramnik

Anand falls from 1st to 5th after a poor showing in the ultra-stong Grand Slam Final.  Alexander Morozevich retains his second place ranking, but will we see him translate this into consistent success against his peers and not just maintain it by beating up anyone under 2700?  Vassily Ivanchuk is third and Magnus Carlsen is a fraction of a rating point behind him in fourth (up from 6th last time).

So the World Championship starting this month in Germany will be between the #5 and #6 on the official ranking list!  Anand and Kramnik have arguably let their results slip as they hoard their opening secrets and save their energies for each other.

On the women's list, Judit Polgar maintains her status as the best female player in the world by some margin, with newly crowned Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk jumping up to 8th place in the rankings.  Her opponent in the final, Hou Yifan, is 3rd, closing the gap to Humpy Koneru in 2nd place.

Rank Name Country Rating
1  Polgar, Judit  HUN 2711
2  Koneru, Humpy  IND 2618
3  Hou, Yifan  CHN 2578
4  Xie, Jun  CHN 2574
5  Cramling, Pia  SWE 2550
6  Stefanova, Antoaneta  BUL 2548
7  Sebag, Marie  FRA 2533
8  Kosteniuk, Alexandra  RUS 2525
9  Zhao, Xue  CHN 2518
10  Danielian, Elina  ARM 2513
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