Topalov Triumphant Against Kamsky

Topalov Triumphant Against Kamsky

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Cheer Up Topa, You Won!

So in the end it was asking too much of Kamsky to beat the world's top rated player, especially on his home patch in Bulgaria.

Kamsky tried the French defence again in Game 7, but fared no better than his previous loss in game 5.  Topalov played well to give Kamsky plenty of chances to slip up, and eventually, in time trouble yet again, he did just that.

So, it was a sad end to the match for Kamsky.  He showed flashes of inspiration and fighting spirit, but he was ultimately unable to cope with either his opponent or the clock.

Topalov ended up a convincing winner with a game to spare, and now earns the right to challenge Vishy Anand for the title of World Champion.  Although the qualifying 'cycle' (such as it is) is in chaos, it is fitting that Anand's first challenger for his undisputed title is the world's No.1 ranked player.

No arrangements have yet been made for the Anand-Topalov WCC match, but it is supposed to take place some time this year.  Please FIDE: Can we have at least a 16-game match this time please?  And a neutral venue would be nice...

Veselin Topalov BUL  2796  ½  1  ½  0 1  ½  1  .   
Gata Kamsky USA  2725  ½  0  ½  1 0  ½  0 .   


An emotional finish?  Kamsky gets something in his eye at the last press conference...

Pictures courtesy of the official site.

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