Turkish Chess Federation has sued the European Chess Union

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Ali Nihat YaziciThe Turkish Chess Federation has sued the European Chess Union on October the 3rd, 2007 in Lausanne. The President of the Turkish Chess Federation, Ali Nihat Yazici (photo), invited the President of European Chess Union Boris Kutin to resign his position as soon as possible. An open letter was published yesterday.

The Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) has tried to show a good management style in the last 7 years. No need to explain what has happened in Turkey for chess as, I believe everybody knows. As a part of this development, we always tried to give the best service to FIDE and the European Chess Union (ECU). We were always candidate for any kind of event whether it was profitable or non-profitable.

To exemplify this, I have to mention that in Turkey we have organized the World Juniors Championships 2005, World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad (1998, 2003, 2006), FIDE Presidential Board (1999, 2007), World Chess Olympiad 2000. Also for Europe, we have organized; 2002 European Club Cup for women, 2004 European Club Cup, 2007 European Club Cup, 2003 European Individual Chess Championships, 2004 European Youth Championships, 2004 European Individual Chess Championships, 2006 European Individual Chess Championships, and two times the ECU Board meeting. I can assure everyone that a large number of these events were organized by the TCF simply as a form of assistance to FIDE or the ECU.

Only one more example, what we do for chess in Turkey: By starting next month, Istanbul Great Municipality will distribute 1 million chess sets and 1 million books to one million children. This will be done in each primary school face to face. The aim is to create a web site for training kids for chess and other subjects. Also this will go to a result opening a real chess academy in Istanbul managed by GMs for creating idols for the future. The project cost will be more than 10.000.000 USD we expect. This is not a planned project! This is an accepted project. So you may understand what happens in Turkey for chess, and how hard we try to develop chess in this country. This will make all readers understanding our sensitivity for protecting our rights.

I have given the above information, to explain we do not mind losing a candidacy for organising an event when we make bids. Who is the best host city bidding, should be granted the organisation. Considering the reason for this open letter, I had to explain this in advance.

We have sued the ECU!

It is with big sadness for me to say that we have sued the ECU in the judicial court in Lausanne on 3rd of October, for the decision taken in the last board meeting in Novi Sad on 24 August 2007.

The rest of the open letter can be read here (PDF). More info at the Turkish Chess Federation's website.
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