Team Nymn Wins Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown

Team Nymn Wins Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown

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Team Nymn won the Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown on Friday; the broadcast was watched by over 40,000 concurrent viewers. The winner defeated Team TrumpSC 6-2 in the final, while Team Hutch came third, ahead of Team BoxBox.

The Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown was a one-day event with 16 top Twitch streamers involved in a team competition. As such, it was the perfect conclusion to the highly successful Pogchamps that finished recently.

The participants on Friday were Hutch (captain), Nymn (captain), BoxBox (captain), TrumpSC (captain), zalae, moistcr1tikal, ludwig, fuslie, erobb221, papaplatte, natehill, Itssliker, withluvxina, Scarra, QTcinderella, and Firebat.

Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown

The tournament started with a round-robin phase in which each team faced the other three teams. In each individual team match, players played two games against the same opponent for a total of eight game-points. The time control was 10 minutes plus a two-second increment, and games were played in the Live Server.

In the first round, Team TrumpSC annihilated team Boxbox 7-1 while Team Nymn scored a much closer 5-3 win over Team Hutch. Team TrumpSC then also won against Team Nymn (5-4) before Team BoxBox suffered another loss against Team Hutch (also 5-4). In an equally close third round, Team TrumpSC made it to the final with a third win: 5-4 against Team Hutch. Team BoxBox lost again: another 5-4 vs Team Nymn.

One of the highlights of the day was TrumpSC's win vs. Hutch in the playoff as the black king was unexpectedly checkmated in the middle of the board.

That secured the third win for his team, and so Team TrumSC won the round-robin phase ahead of Team Nymn, their opponent in the final.

Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown final standings

Both the Championship Final and the Consolation Match saw a final score of 6-2. Team Nymn won the tournament thanks to a victory over Team TrumpSC, while Team Hutch came third. Team BoxBox was the unlucky one as the only team that lost all its matches.

On board one of the final, zalae scored 2-0 vs. Trump SC. Here's their second game:

Both the round-robin phase and the Championship Match had $6,000 in prizes with another $3,000 for the Consolation Match for a total prize fund of $15,000. Here's the breakdown of prizes won by the teams.

Twitch Rivals Chess Showdown prizes

After last year's Komodo Boss Rush, this was only the second time that chess was featured in Twitch's Rivals series, a series of competitive events for Twitch streamers and viewers in a wide range of esports.

The event was produced by Twitch with commentary provided by GM Hikaru Nakamura, WFM Alexandra Botez, and IM Danny Rensch. Here's the full show for replay:

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