Ukraine Still Perfect at World Teams

Ukraine Still Perfect at World Teams

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Ukraine tops the standings after three rounds at the World Team Championship in Kemer, Antalya (Turkey). After beating Azerbaijan 2.5-1.5, the team with Ivanchuk, Korobov, Moiseenko, Kryvoruchko and Areshchenko is the only one left with a perfect score. Armenia follows with one match point less.

Before we get to the third round, let's look at a few key games from round 1 and 2 which weren't mentioned here yet. For example, in the first round the big clash Armenia-Russia ended in four draws and on top board this match saw the game between the world's number 2 and 3! Here is that fascinating fight in the Botvinnik Semi-Slav with some brief notes by IMs Merijn van Delft and Robert Ris from CVO 256.

Aronian and Kramnik at the press conference | All photos courtesy of the Turkish Chess Federation

And here's another high-profile game from the same round; Ivanchuk's answer to Nakamura's Berlin was a transposition into a Spanish Four Knights.

After their big success against Russia, the USA went down 1.5-2.5 against Armenia the next day, in round 3. Kamsky-Movesian, Akopian-Onischuk and Akobian-Sargissan were all drawn, and so it was all about what happened on board one. 

Aronian decides the match...
...beating Nakamura in a rook ending

Ukraine won its third match in a row, against Azerbaijan. Ivanchuk and Mamedov drew a fascinating King's Indian, Petrosian Variation:

Moiseenko defeated Durarbayli, whose frivolous sacrifice in the opening didn't have the desired effect:

Alexander Moiseenko wins an important game

China-Russia was another hard-fought battle; only Wang Yue-Karjakin was drawn quickly. Nepomniachtchi scored the only (lucky) win:

A painful loss for Yu Yangyi

Kramnik tried for long to win an ending against Li Chao, but the Chinese number 5 did a good job on top board:

The Netherlands finally got their first two match points thanks to Giri's excellent win over Khenkin.

Anish Giri, the Dutch top ace


World Teams 2013 | Round 3 standings

Rank Team Gam. + = - MP Pts.
1 Ukraine 3 3     6
2 Armenia 3 2 1   5
3 Azerbaijan 3 2   1 4 7
4 Germany 3 2   1 4 7
5 Russia 3 1 1 1 3
6 United States of America 3 1   2 2 6
7 China 3 1   2 2
8 Netherlands 3 1   2 2 5
9 Turkey 3 1   2 2 5
10 Egypt 3     3 0 4

The FIDE World Team Championship is held every two years. It's taking place 26 November - 5 December in Kemer, Antalya (Turkey). It's a single round robin among ten teams.

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