Upcoming Stream: 4/14 3pm EST

Upcoming Stream: 4/14 3pm EST


Thank you to everyone who helped vote for this upcoming stream! I will try my best to do this in the future to give you guys the best experience happy.png

Here are the final details:

Date: 4/14

Time: 3pm - 4:30/5:00 pm EST (received 70% of the votes in our poll)

You can use this link to convert time zones:

1st hour: Viewer Arena

Join the Viewer Arena here!

Time Control: 10+0

Duration: 1 hour/ 60 minutes

Afterward (30 min to 1 hour):

1. You guys can challenge me to any blitz time control, OR

2. Request me to do something else - puzzle battles, puzzle rush, etc.

Thanks everyone! See you at the stream! happy.png

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