USA Face Russia At Olympiad

USA Face Russia At Olympiad

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After three completed rounds at the 39th Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk in Russia, 14 teams have won all their matches.

Upsets so far have included the Bulgarian team led by Topalov losing to Croatia in round two, and the Azerbaijani team getting beaten by Vietnam.  The Croatians continued their good results by holding mighty Ukraine to a draw in round three.

It has long become a tradition at Olympiads that the hosts can enter a second team, but Russia has FIVE teams in the Open competition at Khanty-Mansiysk, not to mention another THREE in the women's event.  Surely that's taking things a bit far?!

The big guns are now starting to close in on one another - the top pairings for the Open competition in round four look like this:

 Russia 2  India
 Hungary  China
 Armenia  Russia 3
 Netherlands  Spain
 Russia 1  USA
 Georgia  Norway
 Estonia  Vietnam

The top board clash in the Russia 1 vs USA match pits Vladimir Kramnik against Hikaru Nakamura!

All the results are available at the Chess-Results website, and all the results and games (hopefully with less errors now!) are at the official site.

Round four is just getting underway with live coverage of the top boards here.





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