Volokitin, Karjakin & Eljanov shared 2nd in Foros

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Volokitin, Karjakin and Eljanov are sharing the second spot at the Aerosvit tournament in Foros, Ukraine. The three GMs are on four points out of six games, with an excellent tpr. Oh yeah, and there's one other player doing pretty fine there.

We left the tournament after the fifth round. The sixth was played on Friday and for the first time this tournament, not one encounter was decided. Still, one game was one of the most interesting so far: Shirov-Karjakin.

Today there were three quick draws and three victories. Alekseev-Shirov finished peacefully after nineteen moves and compatriots Karjakin and Ivanchuk had enough of it even move earlier. Thanks to sixteen moves of Marshall theory Volokitin-Svidler took a bit longer, but it was mainly interesting for theoreticians. Still, such games are part of professional chess as well.

Eljanov beat Onischuk with Black today and in a Classical Scheveningen, Jakovenko defeated Van Wely after some impressive preparation, although it looks like Black could have saved himself somewhere in the ending.

And then there was that other dude. You know who. He's starting to exaggerate and apparently needed to win one more time. Which was not so difficult against Nisipeanu today, who played the opening phase like a mediocre player from the 1930s. Is it fear? Is it disbelief? In any case, in the middlegame he had no chance against the tournament leader, who put down a 3000 plus performance today. But we're not going to talk about him.


An excursion during the rest day

Volokitin - Svidler

Karjakin - Ivanchuk

Nisipeanu - N.N.


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