Vugar Gashimov wins Cappelle la Grande

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Just like last year 7 out of 9, just like then shared first, but this time Vugar Gashimov was declared the winner of the 24th open tournament of Cappelle la Grande, on tiebreak .

Before the last round, Arutinian, Kryvoruchko, Chernysov and Kotronias were leading. These players drew their games on the top boards, and Gashimov, as one of the followers, won his last game. You can replay it here, with his funny game from round 5:

And so Gashimov joined the leaders in the final standings, and so did Fedorchuk, Deviatkin and l'Ami.

As always, many norms were scored in Cappelle la Grande: four GM norms (Kravtsiv, Salgado Lopez, Papp & Deviatkin), seven IM norms (Gosset, Nabaty, Grandelius, Hrabinska, Melia, Bijaoui & Rasmussen), one WGM norm (Hoolt) and two WIM norms (Hoolt and Schuurman).


Playing hall

The winner: Vugar Gashimov

Sergey Fedorchuk

Andrei Deviatkin

Konstantin Chernyshov

Erwin l'Ami

(Foto's: Jan Lagrain, De Schaakfabriek)


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