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Wang Hao beats Ponomariov in Kings’ Tournament’s final round

Wang Hao beats Ponomariov in Kings’ Tournament’s final round

In the last round of the Kings’ Tournament in Bucharest Wang Hao defeated Ruslan Ponomariov in a Semi-Tarrasch to finish on 4.5/8. The Chinese GM ended only half a point behind tournament winner Fabiano Caruana, who drew his last-round game with Teimour Radjabov quickly.

Fabiano Caruana became the winner of Kings’ Tournament 2013. After a quick draw in the last round with the black pieces against Radjabov, the Italian GM scored 5 points out of 8 and secured the first place.


Wang Hao-Ponomariov was a long game, where Black equalized after the opening, but then started to face some problems which the Ukrainian GM failed to solve. In the resulting endgame with rooks and opposite-coloured bishops Wang Hao won a pawn and then converted his material advantage to achieve his second win in a row in Bucharest.


Caruana tweeted:


Kings’ Tournament 2013 | Final Standings

# Player Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Score Perf
1 Caruana,F 2779 phpfCo1l0.png ½0 ½1 5.0/8 2808
2 Wang Hao 2733 ½1 phpfCo1l0.png ½½ ½1 4.5/8 2775
3 Nisipeanu,LD 2674 phpfCo1l0.png ½½ ½½ 4.0/8 2746
4 Radjabov,T 2723 ½½ ½½ phpfCo1l0.png ½½ 3.5/8 2691
5 Ponomariov,R 2751 ½0 ½0 ½½ ½½ phpfCo1l0.png 3.0/8 2639


Photos courtesy of the Kings’ Tournament; round reports thanks to GM Dorian Rogozenco

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