Wanna Star In A Movie?

Wanna Star In A Movie?

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You may recall that a month ago we reported on filmmakers Katie and Nelson Dellamaggiore, who are raising funds to make a movie about the best junior high chess team in the US.

Well, they are looking for someone rated 2100-2400 to play the star of the documentary, Alexis Paredes (pictured, rated 2048) and then be interviewed about the experience.

They are planning to film during the US nationals this year, and the film should be released next winter.

You will play between 4 and 8 games against Alexis at the Marshall Chess Club in New York.

Serious applicants, only please! You must meet the rating criteria and be able to attend the Marshall Chess Club to play. It would also help if you can speak intelligently about the experience when interviewed afterwards, of you might end up on the cutting-room floor!

If you would like to put your name forward, then contact Elizabeth Vicary either here at or directly at her blog here.

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