WCC Anand v Kramnik - Game 10

WCC Anand v Kramnik - Game 10

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ANAND RESIGNS!  A fantastic win for Kramnik which keeps him in the match with 2 games to go.  Is an improbable comeback on the cards?  Game 11 is on Wednesday.  Tune in to find out!

29. Qd6 Threatens Re7 winning the bishop.  Desperate times for Anand...

26...c4  Secures the c4 square, but now Anand faces a5 followed by a rook invasion at b7.  This isn't looking good for the Indian...

25...Be6 26.Rab1  Now 26...Nc4 is met powerfully by Rb7!  Anand has just 24 minutes to make 14 moves.

25. Bf1  The battle for the c4 square rages on...Be6 seems a possible response.
Clocks: Kramnik 1:01 Anand 0:33

24...Qf7 Now if a5 then Nc4 is available as a reply and the knight springs into life.

23...f6 24. a4  Kramnik aims to play a5 chasing the awkwardly placed knight.

23. Qa6  After a long think, Kramnik refuses the pawn sac on c5 and prevents Nc4 instead.  The knight on b6 is something of a problem piece for black.  It's not so easy to find a good square for it.

22...Bg4  Anand moves his bishop away from the e2 square, so now the threat of Nc4, forking the Queen on a5 and the Bishop on e3 has more force.  If 23. Bxc5 then 23...Nc4 gains the initative for the sacrificed pawn.
Clocks: Kramnik 1:24 Anand 0:50

22. Be3  Kramnik avoids the complications after Bxe5.

21. Bf4 e5  Anand forces the bishop to either retreat or take on e5 (Blacks' Queen is tied to defence of the bishop on e2).  Possible line: 22.Bxe5 Nc4 23.Qa6 Qxe5 24.Rxe2 Qxc3   
Clocks: Kramnik 1:34 Anand 1:06

20...Be2  Clocks: Kramnik 1:50 Anand 1:20  Now Kramnik stops for his first real 'think'.  Possible ideas for Anand include Nc4 or Bf3, both trying to exchange off one of white's bishop pair.

19...Rfc8  20. Be3  Kramnik is still in his home preparation.  He has a very slight advantage due to his bishop pair and the current weakness of the a7 and c5 pawns, but it's not much to work with.  However, it's in just such positions that Kramnik excels.

18...c5 19. Qa5  An instant reply from Kramnik.

18. Re1  A novelty from Kramnik.  So Anand is the first to stop and have a good think today.

Another Nimzo-Indian today.  Both players are rattling through the theory very quickly.

Welcome to the 10th - and possibly last - game of the 2008 World Chess Championship between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik.  It's possibly the last because the score is now 6-3 in favour of Anand in this 12-game match, so unless Kramnik wins today's game the match is over and games 11 and 12 won't be played.

Kramnik has the smallest chance imaginable - he has to win not just today's game, but also game 11 and game 12 in order to take the match into a rapid playoff.  That's an incredibly unlikely scenario, but Kramnik would dearly love to restore some pride and give Anand a bit of a fright by winning today.

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